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January 16, 2020  

Teacher Self-Care for the Real World

Teacher self-care looks different than self-care in other professions. Teachers need to be creative and find small chunks of time throughout the day to plug in self-care. Join Carrie as she explores ways you can fit it all in and get creative with your teacher self-care.

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January 9, 2020  

Limbo State of Mind

Limbo is a difficult state for humans and especially educators. Depending on the situation, limbo can go on for days, weeks or even months and cause us to feel stress, anxiety and even depression.

In this episode, Carrie discusses the two types of limbo we may experience as well as ways to work through limbo and move forward.


January 2, 2020  

Best Year Ever 2020

There are so many opportunities for an incredible near year and a new decade. How are you going to make sure you that you make the most of the next 365 days? 3,650 days?

In this episode, Carrie shares her presentation from the 2019 New Year Reboot Conference. She shares 10 tips and tricks to make sure you make the most out of this year.

December 20, 2019  

Keeping the Wonder with Ashely Bible

Today, Ashely Bible (@keepingthewonder and @buildingbooklove) to discuss her journey from superstar high school teacher to the leader of Keeping the Wonder Workshop. 

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December 13, 2019  

Future Jobs and the Skills Needed to Get Them

In this episode, we are talking to Dr. Edward Tse, VP of Strategy and Content at NUITEQ about how we can prepare our students for the jobs of tomorrow. We discuss the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the 6C 21st Century Skills and what is currently working in education.
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Dr Edward Tse’s passion is using Research to Make Education Fun. He holds over 50 Utility and Design Patent Filings and is the primary inventor of the first MultiTouch Table Product for Education: The SMART Table. He uses research to apply emerging technology trends to education so teachers can spend more time connecting with students and less time on content delivery.

There are so many opinions about Education on the web. Dr. Edward Tse believes that first-hand experiences are the best way to learn about Education. He seeks a broad range of opinions from around the world and his vlog recognizes the impact of video on education. Thought leaders share stories about collaboration in the classroom, how they encouraged critical thinking skills and helped students harness their creative potential. His channel was awarded the 2018 Global EdTech Leader from the Edvocate. As VP of Strategy and Content at NUITEQ Dr Tse focuses on making it easy for teachers to engage in active learning and enabling creative expression using lightweight tools on mobile devices.




December 5, 2019  

Games in the Classroom with Dustin Staats

Dustin Staats from Board Gaming in Education joins the podcast to talk about 
how games and game mechanics help mold a more positive learning environment, how games help to motivate and engage students and how lesson planning is like game design.

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November 21, 2019  

New Year Reboot Preview

Take a quick peek behind the scenes to hear all the reasons you should attend this year's e2e New Year Reboot conference. Also, be the first to know a HUGE announcement about the conference and the 2020 e2e Membership Site!

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November 11, 2019  

Are You Feeling the Teacher Blues?

It is a very common time of year for teachers to feel the teacher blues. The back-to-school energy has died down, there is a lot of change in the air and germs and viruses are slowly creeping their way into classrooms.

 In this episode, we discuss signs that you could be in a bit of a funk and small suggestions on how to pick yourself back up.


November 3, 2019  

Fireside Chat: Nate Conroy from STEMhero

We sit down with Nate Conroy, the founder and CEO of STEMhero, as he explains how he went from teacher to entrepreneur and launched STEMhero. Nate talks about how his passion for the outdoors inspired him to bring STEMhero to teachers across the nation.

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October 30, 2019  

Classroom Escape Rooms

Free classroom escape rooms bring magic and engagement to any classroom. Creating an escape room may seem intimidating, however, this episode's guest Shelly Rees is teaching us just how simple it can truly be to create.

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